Ministry Boot Camp is a training focus on the three essentials for ministry: People, Prayer, and Bible. Boot camp will give practical training to help make disciples of Jesus.
Sun 9/7, at 10:30am- People over programs: Why LifeGroups are essential
Sat 9/13, at 5:00pm- Cookout & Prayer summit: Prayer first, ministry second
Sun 9/14 at 9:00am- Training workshops
Sun 9/14 at 10:30am- Bible: There's no replacement for being in God's Word.
Sun 9/14 at 12:30pm- Training workshops

Sunday, September 21st... 80% of people would attend church if invited by a friend. Back to Church Sunday is a focus on inviting people to be part of a church family. This Sunday we will also start a new series focusing on how to live focused on God in a crazy world.

Bible Hour

9:00 am is the Bible Hour. We will resume August24th in our Study of Jesus. Bible Hour is focused on biblcal & theological content to help build confidence when making disciples or teaching God's Word.