We find people want to have a relationship with God, but church is another matter. Our story starts with what Jesus did by dying on the cross and rising again. He is the example we strive for. LFC is filled with imperfect people desiring to follow a perfect God. If you’re imperfect like us and wish to follow Jesus, we welcome you to be part of the family. If you’re not sure about who Jesus is, we welcome you engage with us to learn more. Come as you are. As a church we try to not take ourselves too seriously.  

LFC seeks to become a healthy church that reproduces that in others. We do this by making disciples of Jesus who love God and love people, just as Jesus did. We encourage you to be a part of God’s story, and to heal from past church hurts. 

Lead Pastor
John 10:10

  • Wisdom from Jesus' little brother

    James gives us intendly practical insights on the Gospel. Becuase of what Jesus did for us, James describes what living like Jesus will look like. This is not a moral code, but rather a picture of the kind of fruit people who love Jesus will produce. Full of wisdom and sometimes a bit pointed, James gives a road map for living like Jesus.

  • Move! You're not a tree!

    Too often churches get "stuck." They think things are going from bad to worse, and they see little they can do about it. It's not just a church thing either. You and I get stuck too! In this series we'll look at the keys to changing the world as a church and how that looks as individuals as well.