We find people want to have a relationship with God, but church is another matter. Our story starts with what Jesus did by dying on the cross and rising again. He is the standard we strive for. LFC is filled with imperfect people desiring to follow a perfect God. If you’re imperfect like us and wish to follow Jesus, we welcome you to be part of the family. If you’re not sure about who Jesus is, we welcome you engage with us to learn more. Come as you are. As a church we try to not take ourselves too seriously.  

LFC exists to make disciples of Jesus. A disciple of Jesus is simply a person who follows Jesus by loving God and loving people, just as Jesus did. We encourage you to be a part of God’s story. 

Lead Pastor
John 10:10

  • Hopes and Dreams Marriage Conference

    We know that strong families make for strong communities. Unfortunately, we are sometimes taught communication patterns that are destructive and work against building strong families.Each participant at this conference will be given the tools to strengthen their marriage, which will strengthen their family. Information  

  • Taking the High Road: The path to a hope filled life

    We all strive for our view of The Good Life. When Jesus taught he rocked the world with a words we call the beatitudes. Jesus called blessed people dealing with hardship. Jesus called blessed people we often run away from. In this series we will look at how The Good Life is living with eternity and God’s glory in mind.

  • Heirloom: Essentials to pass on

    Values are the most precious thing we pass on. They're key apsects define you or your family. During January we'll be looking at four core values to our Life Fellowship Chapel family. They are four things that ground us, define us and that we want to pass on for future generations.