What should I wear?
We dress casual. God is more concerned with our heart than how we look. Some wear shirt and ties, and that's ok too. Worship is about Spirit and truth, not externals.

Can I bring food or coffee into the worship center?
Yes! In fact, the early church actually met over a meal for their Sunday worship! Feel free to grab some coffee and talk with friends in the worship center. The coffee we serve is from the Coffee Beanery which is a local Michigan company.

What translation do you use?
Pastor Ty uses the ESV translation when he preaches. The ESV has a solid balance of being readable and faithful to the original languages. For children we'd recommend the NLT as its very readable.

Do you have Wednesday Night Service?
We have Life Groups which meet throughout the week. This reflects what we see in Scripture, as Christians met from house to house dedicating themselves to the Apostles' teaching and prayer. We highly recommend joining a Life Group.

What kind of Music do you have in your worship service?
Different kinds of music minister to different kinds of people. At LFC, we're family. We strive to vary the style of music to meet the diverse needs of our church family.

What style of preaching is used?
The norm at LFC is expository preaching. What that means is we seek to explain what a passage of Scripture meant to those it was written to, then how it applies to us and what we should share with others.


Am I expected to give?
Do what God calls you to do. Giving is a matter of worship and thankfulness to God. For those who call LFC home, there is an expectation to give to meet the needs of the church family. If you're a guest, you have no obligation to give.

What is the connect card?
The connect card is a tool we use to communicate praise and prayer requests, sign up for things, and other communication needs. We'd appreciate it if you take the time to fill one out. We do not give away contact information unless given permission. Our online database system allows you to control your level of privacy for the church directory. Unless a church leader, we do not give out information.

What denomination is LFC?
LFC is a non-denominational Bible believing church here for our community. We do network with other like minded organizations when appropriate and recognize the church and God's kingdom is much broader than LFC. More information on what we believe is available at lifefellowshipchapel.org/purpose.php


2361 N. Irish Road
Davison, MI  48423